1. Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?
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The authoritative book on Earthing/Grounding. Highly recommended for a deeper understanding of why earthing is so important to health. A Dozen Years of Earthing: Clint Ober's Observations, . This book traces the discoveries of Clinton Ober, a pioneer in the cable. earthing | Earthing Book by Clint Ober - download PDF, listen to audio.

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Earthing Clinton Ober Pdf

Earthing refers to a physical connection that takes place between the electrical Since Clint Ober discovered the concept over a decade ago, Earthing has. 3 clINt OBEr'S StOry. 4 EArtHINg'S AmAzINg BENEFItS. 6 EArtHINg WHIlE yOu SlEEP. 7 EArtHINg BEd SHEEtS. 8 % PurE SIlVEr grOuNdEd. PIllOWcASE. the physiological changes taking place during earthing. Currently he is teaching medical. physiology and psychiatry in Japan. A. Clinton Ober was CEO of.

You can message me for any enquiry. This kind of charging is the buildup of an electric charge by the rubbing or contact with another material. One type of anti-static packaging material is commonly referred to as Pink Poly. It is a clear pink hot pink polyethylene that is available as a film for bags, bubble pack, or foam. Charges go to ground or to another conductive object that the material contacts.

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Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

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Pin by Yazz ilicic on Earthing | Earthing grounding, Health practices, Health, wellness

Clinton Ober PDF books 1. Clinton Ober PDF books 2. Book details 3. Description this book Earthing introduces readers to the landmark discovery that living in contact with the Earth s natural surface charge - being grounded - naturally discharges and prevents chronic inflammation in the body.

Earthing for Health & EMF Protection

If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 5. Shoes block you from receiving a constant supply of the free electrons that shield and nourish the entire earth. Grounding protects you from electromagnetic fields EMF. Walking barefoot or jumping into the ocean will remove the static buildup and immerse you in electrons. You can also ground yourself with grounding wires: your own EMF will be dispersed and free electrons will come up the wire, thereby giving you free antioxidants.

Effects occur in minutes; chronic pain resolves in hours. The Earth is the biggest electron generator and static sink ever.

Stephen Sinatra explains: The Earth is a reservoir of free electrons. Without a connection to this reservoir, our cells are unable to balance harmful positive charges. He includes pictures from live cell microscopy to illustrate how positive charge makes blood cells clump. We are bombarded by electromagnetic radiation from modern technology, inducing voltages that disrupt subtle electrical communications in our body.

Grounding reduces these induced voltages. It may be that our connection with the earth carries information, helping align us with the greater network of intelligence of our planet. Almost everything. Anyway, clumping blood cells have nothing to do with the alleged health effects. There is no evidence that EMF disrupts communications in our body or that grounding protects us from any hypothetical ill effects of using cell phones and other technology.

And the third point about aligning with an intelligence network is wild imagination not supported by anything in science or reality.

From a biblical perspective, people who lose touch with the Earth lose touch with God. Earthing reconnects us to the plan, to other, and, in a sense, to God.

Their explanations are confused: they tell you talking on your cell phone outdoors and standing on grass will dissipate the static charge, hopelessly confusing static electricity with electromagnetic fields. On the one hand, they say ground contact will remove your static electricity, and on the other hand they say you will absorb electricity from the Earth. So which is it? Is electricity going in or out?

The studies were not published in mainstream journals. An article in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health reviewed the health implications of earthing. It was written by the researchers themselves. Sinatra, and J. Oschman are independent contractors for Earth L.

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They are little more than documenting placebo effects, subjective findings, and anomaly hunting. Do free radicals cause inflammation? And to neutralize free radicals you need antioxidant molecules, not free electrons.

Of course, going barefoot can be dangerous and uncomfortable cold feet, stepping on broken glass, becoming infected with hookworms, etc. So instead you can download their specially designed products: earthing sheets, earthing recovery bags, grounding mats, personal grounding kits, grounding patches, accessories, grounded shoes, an earthing bed, even products for pets.

Herein lies the business end of the alternative medical claims. Arguments in support of earthing are either demonstrably false or so vague as to be meaningless and untestable: The primordial nature energy emanating from the Earth is the ultimate anti-inflammatory and the ultimate antiaging medicine.

There are comparisons to a light-bulb with a loose connection that flickers, to Qi and prana.

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