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2 Skeptical followers of the magazine, especially of the boisterous writings of its Indeed, culture jamming and AdBusters appear in many cultural studies. Kalle Lasn is the founder and editor of Adbusters magazine, a journal on the forefront of the “culture jamming” chy and servitude, we offer this tions of the. Explore Jais grafisk form's board "Adbusters magazine" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Magazine covers, Magazines and Journals.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Corporate Crackdown - Adbusters Magazine. Tom Liacas. This single legal stroke changed America fundamentally. Were corpora- tions suddenly as powerful as people? Because of their vast financial resources, they were now much more powerful. They are rights and privileges that we humans have? Does a corporation have a soul? Can it love? Show remorse? In real terms, the corpo- ration was actually more free than any private citizen. The whole intent of the American Constitution—that all citizens have one vote, and exercise in the food, the clothes, the cars, the Seek revenge?

If we prefer, the Situation- ists seem to have dreamed of a new common. By contrast, AdBusters sees the public as its enemy. It is precisely the public-ness of the public, the absence of individualist authen- ticity, which is their problem.

What is absent here is any notion that this might be a reflexive or common project. As Zygmunt Bauman, fol- lowing Cornelius Castoriadis a contemporary of Guy Debord and editor of the journal Socialisme ou Barbarie, widely considered to be, along with the Situationist International, among the key intel- lectual projects which informed and inspired the May upris- ings in France , notes, the politics of a democratic emancipation Downloaded By: There can be no radical consciousness outside of the collective attempts at bringing about social justice and vice-versa.

Rather than inheriting the legacy of Situationism, it might be helpful to understand AdBusters within the legacy of Gestural Abstraction also known as Action-Painting or Abstract Impression- ism. The latter rose to prominence in New York in the post-war period and was favorably received or appropriated 15 by a certain powerful segment of elites as the truest and most unmediated expression of individual passion.

The Gestural Abstractionists seemingly attempted to efface any and all representation or formalism in their work. Mexican muralism was generally dedicated to acts of public peda- Downloaded By: Indeed, within this context, the public becomes the negative point of reference for, or the immanent Other of, the figure of the artist whose gestures constantly strives to attain the mythic space outside the public and its corrupting mediations.

I would suggest that it is useful to read AdBusters as inheriting the tradition of Gestural Abstraction as opposed to Situationism both philosophically, in the sense of a celebration of the quest of the individual for an outside from society entirely in line with the discourses of Western masculine imperialism , as well as politi- cally, in regards to its penchant for the romantic act of purportedly unmediated cultural intervention as the most appropriate means of resistance.

First, the celebration of the romantic quest of the individual artist or, in this case, culture jammer, is enshrined as the means to eman- cipation. Haiven towards any form of commonality, is the enemy that inhibits their participation in the radical gesture always and intractably defined against the public.

All three of these features, the quest for an outside, the derision of the public as a site for activism and engagement, and the myopia towards systemic inequalities and historical struggles are entirely compatible with a neoliberal cultural politics.

As Zygmut Bauman details, neoliberalism posits the individual as the solitary locus of human freedom whose perfection is only possible if the tethers to inexpedient others are severed or diminished in the quest to become the perfect economic subject.

Indeed, these three aspects of neoliberal cul- ture are precisely what gives it such cultural force and enables the perpetuation of its horrific economic and social consequences. As such, not only does AdBusters fail to confront the culture of neoli- beralism, in some disquieting ways it is one of many sites which echo its key tenets and resonates with its regimentation of desires. Image courtesy of Artangel UK. This narrative is re-envisioned or, rather, inflated to shameful propor- tions by Kruger in such a way as to stimulate a potentially radica- lizing incredulity in the spectator.

Implicit in the work is the notion that we have a responsibility to make change and not wait for the divine orders of some messianic leader.

The AdBusters jam represents the politics of the gesture in which revolutionary acts and culture jamming are prized for their own sake. He writes that: While Fight Club registers a form of resistance to the rampant commodifica- tion and alienation of contemporary neoliberal society, it ultimately has lit- tle to say about those diverse and related aspects of consumer culture and contemporary capitalism structured in iniquitous power relations, material inequalities, or hierarchical social formations.

Sanchez In another interview he suggests that: Giroux notes that, in the film, consumerism is depicted as an emasculating, inauthenticating force that can only be countered through acts of violence and daring. In many ways this is the same aesthetics and politics of gestural resistance advocated by AdBusters. This disdain for the state shares with neoliberalism the desire to eliminate government and institutional controls over private mat- ters, but fails to imagine the sorts of public institutions that might replace them.

Haiven imbricated themselves in global power apparatuses that even modest reforms have become largely impossible. But one must realize that the state, to the extent it has not been turned vicious and carcereal by the rapacious logic of neoliberalism, provides vital social provisions and life-support to many people, and that it retains the power to protect and engender public spaces universi- ties, public parks, community centres, etc.

One hopes and works Downloaded By: It will pre- dominantly hurt those most vulnerable to the vicissitudes of neoli- beralism who rely on what is left of state services for some modicum of stability and security, tenuous and coercive as they may well be.

It can be argued that AdBusters has in fact made good-faith efforts to confront neoliberalism. Their many campaigns and mani- festos often address overt aspects of neoliberalism and suggest alternative models.

Thus poor families will have to pay as much as the rich for the same inflated commodities. Without a fundamental rethinking of value and a dramatic redistribution of wealth, true-cost economics does little to engender social justice.

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As the costs of the staples of survival increase, the poor and marginalized suffer more than the Downloaded By: Such a commitment could then make the question of human wants over and above needs less a matter of atomized personal choice and the affirmation of consumerist identity cultivated to assuage alienation and more a question of public deliberation , —8. While Bauman shares the critique of consumer society with anti-consumer critics like AdBusters, his solutions start from the necessity to make public choices rather than participate in privatized acts of resistance.

For instance, AdBusters does not mention the traumas of working parents who, as econom- ies and societies become insecure in times of the neoliberal dimin- ishment of minimum wages, labour rights, and corporate and government downsizing, often have to work longer hours or mul- tiple jobs to make ends meet, leaving tragically little to no time to attend meaningfully to children.

Haiven Ehrenreich and Hoschchild , passim. This last effect is compounded by budget cuts that have lead to crum- Downloaded By: And it must be acknowledged that due to patriarchal codes, women remain the primary domestic workers and largely respon- sible for holding families together in these grim circumstances.

Once again, culpability and guilt for con- sumer culture is placed on the shoulders of the individual in a way continuous with a neoliberal public pedagogy that disappears public issues into personal responsibilities, which erases systemic inequality in favour of a moralistic indignation.

For instance, to confront TV addiction among children we might think about demanding or providing free, high-quality, flexible, and uni- versal childcare such that parents have time to work, enjoy leisure time, attend to children, and participate in their communities and in democratic forums. We might think about guaranteeing people a social wage and rethinking work so adults can spend time with their children such that the constant stresses of finances suffered by most families is assuaged in favour of devel- oping a society that dreams of future generations with hope rather than fear.

We might also think about learning from and making central to our agendas the feminist practice of critically engaging patriarchal social relations that ascribe to women responsibility Downloaded By: Prob- ably these sorts of ideas are more likely to appeal to most people than jammed ads and eschatological graphic design.

But they require nothing less than that most difficult but necessary thing in the world: As to what footwear is appropriate to meet these challenges, I do not care to speculate.

In this article I have argued that AdBusters is a form of public pedagogy and political intervention which is largely unfit for the task of confronting the rising tide of neoliberalism: I have suggested that AdBusters cultivates a gestural politics that is predicated on a mythic romanticized individual, one which diminishes the possibilities of a politics of the public and which is largely myopic towards systemic forms of oppression.

As such, AdBusters is not only inadequate but even in some ways complicit in the cultural politics of neoliberalism.

Kalle Lasn

Whither AdBusters? Only time will tell. The publication and its supporters may find themselves with strange bedfellows in the struggle for a corner of the consumerist-resistance market along with the Body Shop, American Apparel, etc. Problematically, what my analysis here might have pointed towards may be a wider prob- lem with culture jamming, neo-situationist strategy, and the politics of the visual. Haiven issues, that they have been raised ought to negate critics who might argue my article seeks academic mileage out of the internal combus- tion of a bastion of anti-corporate activism and thought.

For my part, I believe two fields in which culture jamming could be useful are a as part of the personal and small group cultivation of deep critical solidarity and b in second- ary-school or early-university pedagogy with the same objectives. In the case of the former, I think that by manipulating and transforming the icons, logos, symbols, and spectacles that are our environment and shape and inform our subjectivities we can go a long way to pro- blematizing for ourselves our internalized complicities with the Society of the Spectacle.

Being made to think about what an effective cultural intervention in these spaces means we have to think ser- iously about the complexity and urgency of the political situations in which we find ourselves and may make us better activists, culture workers, and educators, especially where we do this work in com- mon.

Culture jamming is a practice which asks us to take those inti- mate resources of subjectivization we encounter everyday and denormalize them, make them into tools for experimentation and becoming. In neither case, however, do I think culture jammers should assume the products of their work itself will have any substantial effect on the broader public.

Back Issues – Adbusters Media Foundation

People are probably less stu- pid and duped and more hopeless and cynical. Being told the enjoyment of their few material pleasures afforded them guarantee their damnation is unlikely to sway many. It is precisely the haunting sense that something very bad is in store for us if present global trends continue that draws people to AdBusters which, if nothing else, promises easy action. And while a landscape of subverted billboards may indicate the impatience of the democracy to come for its own arrival, it is no substitute for the hard work of collaboratively building the constituency and collective agency we need in order to bring such a democracy about.

NOTES 1. Haiven 5.

Noted even by readers of the magazine, especially in its incrimination of femin- ized consumer stereotypes and the equation of obesity, especially female obesity, with moral weakness and collusion with consumerist destruction of the natural and psychic environment. But what have you done lately besides talk and write, Mr.

Yet it also highlighted, both in the act and the vitriol of the subsequent response, the degree to which such questions are swept under the carpet by the corporate media. Yet AdBusters cannot and should not be reduced to Lasn who is an inadequate spokesperson for a phenomenon that, by now, far exceeds him. AdBusters has adopted new directions and approaches since this time, but they will have to be the subject of future research. I hasten to note that, while this article appears to indict neoliberalism as an active and unified force, it would be remiss not to insist that neoliberalism is a meta- phor or shorthand for a discontinuous social movement made up of a wide var- iety of actors, acts, and discourses, local and global, which do not necessarily share the same objectives or trajectories outside of a general capitalist logic of accumulation.

The implications of this insight are amply mapped in Bauman The intentions, interventions, and culpability of the artists in this process are open to a debate that exceeds the confines of this article. Privatized Resistance Critics more discriminating than I might even suggest it is in inviting a self-loath- ing angst in the public at its inability to transcend itself that both these cultural forms produce their own lucrative market, at the expense of any notion of collec- tive hope and in collusion with the worst depolitizing and individuating tenden- cies of consumer culture.

Thanks to Artangel UK for permission to reproduce this piece which they com- missioned in As of this printing, it remains unclear if this publication would be able to use the image Downloaded By: The image in question is best described as a photo of two young men with their faces covered by bandanas, throwing rocks in the street.

Harper Collins, , a crassly opportunistic and greatly problematic text that begs for substantial future critique. Means without End: Notes on Politics. Translated by V.

University of Minnesota Press. Aronowitz, S. How Class Works: Power and Social Movement. New Haven: Yale University Press. Bauman, Z. In Search of Politics. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. Bourdieu, P. Acts of Resistance: Against the Tyranny of the Market. Translated by R. New York: The New Press. Brown, M. Whitewashing Race: The Myth of the Color-blind Society. University of California Press.

Bull, M. Between the Cultures of Capitalism. New Left Review, 11, 95— Chow, E. Gender Matters: Studying Globalization and Social Change in the 21st Century. International Sociology, 18 3 , — Haiven Couldry, N. Listening Beyond the Echoes: Media, Ethics and Agency in an Uncer- tain World.

Boulder, CO and London: Denmark; Wal-Mart bigger than charge? What exactly do they want? Only natural persons should be South Africa. Their private hands control game.

Latest Issue

Citizens from the the 14th Amendment includes cor- information flows. Left and Right are arguing for a porations. Civil society was in retreat and it looked as if, in the com- not exactly a coalition—is clearing a space where fundamental questions of sovereignty and power can again D emocracy means governance by the ing century, corporations would be openly debated and decided.

It is indeed rule the world. But then civil an incredibly beautiful void. The new activists are no persons should be Multinational Agreement on Invest- longer protesting against the harms allowed to participate in ment MAI , which would have that corporations do, they are greatly extended global corporate protesting against the corporation the democratic process.

And on November 30, itself. The superspecies which charters are granted and history. It me would be afraid to download shares. Reynolds, et. Here, cial markets would immediately says the group is working to demol- in a showdown between local and undergo dramatic change. When push local, small businesses are victims of comes to shove, what could Washing- corporate globalization.

An initiative of the national Reclaim Democracy! Send in the army? L ocal rule is a powerful notion. It the first of a growing network of IBAs across America. Contact: Reclaim Democra- want to scale back many of the con- cy! They want to get the pub- agricultural income, now forbid large lic, the media, and the politicians against globalization. Activists are can be withdrawn at any time. The cows, potential shareholders would currently working to add Pennsylva- ultimate long-term goal is to revisit carefully investigate the back- nia to the list, and two townships the Santa Clara Supreme Court grounds of the companies they were have already barred corporations decision and have it overturned.

They from citizen soil. Too ernments are desperately looking for given in our business culture. In a number of ways, investors to enact tough new corporate liabili- could be asked to change its aggres- would be grounded—forced to care ty laws that make convicted corpora- sive marketing practices; Monsanto and take responsibility. Stock mar- tions ineligible to hold government to stop intimidating its opponents kets would cease to be gambling casi- contracts or licenses for television with litigation; Philip Morris to come nos.

Our whole business culture stations, to make political contribu- clean on its advertising to teenagers. A first step in this direction to lock up repeat felons and throw the power and legal right to require would be to eliminate tax exemp- away the key. In , the township periodic charter reviews and to tions for corporate expenditures of Wayne, Pennsylvania, applied the revoke them when it sees fit.

The new rules have already The Community Environmental UP-TO-DATE data is hard to been put into practice, barring cer- Defense Fund that would limit the find on this subject, but professor tain hog-farming operations from charters of every corporation to 30 Amitai Etzioni of George Washing- moving into town. Contact: Thomas years. When that time is up, the onus ton University found that 62 percent Linzey, Community Environmental would be on the corporation to prove of the Fortune corporations were Legal Defense Fund A death sentence for a corporation.

But soul, no conscience. Even though it is the licence within ten days—though Right now there are no penalties that managed by human beings, its sense a legal challenge is already expected.

CEOs and executives of corporations of morality as an organization is not Contact: Heidi Silva The chances of the CEO of a con- at all human. The corporation los- persons.

During the review process, wise flouting the law with impunity abrogate the rights of employees by citizens can submit complaints, year after year after year. There is no demanding blind loyalty to manage- employees can voice any discontents penalty they fear. The aim of charter ment or tamper with democratic they might have, suppliers and retail- revocation activists is to instill some process of government through ille- ers can bring up their concerns.

The fear. Microsoft, for ly revoked, but for more than for individual criminals. They want example, as a condition of renewal, years now, charter revocation has Corporate Crackdown CHAPTER VI been just an archaic clause in the law treatment of workers and gross has hired a special counsel, Carl Mayer books of some states and provinces. In February to help control corporate power. The American Bar Association has of this year, the petition, endorsed by In order to take off in the public removed the clause in many states a further signatories, was resub- imagination, the charter revocation because it is seen as obsolete.

Lockyer has refused one notorious corporate criminal ister than this. Delighted activists now ed as the ideal candidate. Adbusters to the 21st century. Collect what could be mil- now do, because ultimately, this lions of cyberpetition signatures and clause may be the only weapon civil society has left to alter the power bal- ance between citizens and corpora- U ltimately, the only way to stop corporate send them to New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer demanding that he proceed with charter dissolution.

Will he do it? In June , Judge world government. Compar- world government. But what is the alternative?

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